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Italian Bees is an online magazine that chronicles, through interviews and photo/video reports, all the realities that make unique products 100% Made in Italy in Italy.
We divulge their history, discover their traditions, observe the meticulous production of their products and feast our eyes on the beauty of Made in Italy.

Our latest interviews

Art & Wax, when wax becomes a work of art

Every art has its secrets and every craftsman his story. Giacomo Sabatini started from an image, that of the candle men, which he then transformed into small works of art in wax that started a long career as a modeller of artistic candles.


“Ruga, Gioielli di Espressione”, imperfection becomes value and uniqueness

Ruga, the shop-laboratory of goldsmith Stefano Billi, is located in Ravenna. The jewellery has an unconventional soul and at the basis of Stefano's creations is a reflection: beauty is found in imperfection. 


Agricultural brewery: Exmu from grain to spirits

Alessandro and his wife, brewers and entrepreneurs of the Exmu brewery in Sassari, Sardinia, have very clear ideas about making the most of their land. In this agricultural brewery, in fact, they start from the roots of beer by cultivating barley a few steps away from the brewery.


Let's look at Made in Italy with an international perspective

Italian Bees is a wonderful journey that has never ceased to excite and amaze us and, for this reason, we decided to take the extra step.

We have opened a WebTV that streams all video interviews with our Italian producers around the world. WebTV is a platform that allows Made in Italy producers to get their story across the world with just one click.

Because our uniqueness must reach everywhere.

Because our aim is to bring the beauty of Italian-ness to the whole world.

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